We’re proud of the changes made to Moorings Northland since we acquired the business in November 2011.  As the new owners our goal has been to improve and add value to the mooring service experienced by swing mooring owners.  Getting feedback is important to us and we appreciate the effort customers have made to let us know how we are doing and what we could do better.  Check out the feedback below…


“Hi Rob, Many thanks for your report.  I was delighted to pass it on to dad – that was a quick turnaround in getting it done.  Again, thank you for all your help and best wishes for the holiday season.” –  Margot T

“Hi Shirley, Thanks for that, a job very well done.” – Russell G

“Hi Shirley and Rob, thanks for sending the certificate of inspection and for servicing the mooring before we had to leave the boat in the BOI, the photos are a great feature of your service.  Could you also pass on our thanks to the skipper and crew of the barge”.  –  Bruce S

“Hi Guys thanks for the information and a job well done.”  – Bruce

“Excellent!  Thanks Rob.” – Murray B

“Hi Shirley, I was surprised at the amount of wear on chains and swivels because my boat hasn’t been on the mooring for more than 6months a year for the last 4 years unless the wear was close to boarder line at the last lift, but all the same, a good job and I feel was a good price.  Thank you very much”.  – Fraser N

“Thank you Rob for your quick response.  I am grateful that you have fixed the problem immediately and saved my boat from possible disaster.  These things happen and its good to know that somebody spotted the problem and kindly took the trouble to inform the NRC and that you and NRC responded so quickly. Best wishes.” –  Brian J

“Hi Rob, thank you so much for your follow through on this!  We appreciate your effort and goodwill.”  – Geoff D

“Thanks Shirley, an excellent and comprehensive report and photo’s. Thank you”. Shane R

“Thanks Rob – your co-operation and assistance is very much appreciated.”  John M

“Hi Rob, that is excellent.  Thanks”.  Colin L

“Thanks Shirley, I really appreciate the professional and friendly way that you and Rob helped me though the process.’ – Greg H

“Hi Rob, many thanks for the trouble you have gone to for me.  Much appreciated.” – Fiona B

“Hi there, wanted to say what a fantastic website you have especially with the ability for renting selling moorings…” – Lucy B

“Thanks Rob – really helpful”. – Mike P

“Hi Rob, Yes we went and parked on it in the storm to test it, we had gusts to over 50 knots an d please to say never moved an inch.  I must say your service you provided has been outstanding and by the looks of the mooring has been done to a very high standard – very pleased.” –  Neil

“Hi Shirley and Rob – thanks heaps for fitting us into your busy schedule.  Much appreciated”.  Todd H

“Hi Rob, Much appreciated what you do and the peace of mind it gives us.  Thank you.” – Al and Cheralyn W

“Rob, thank you for getting on to this so quickly after just getting back after the holiday break. Much appreciated.”  – Graeme S

“Thanks Shirley – all received – Graham says how much he appreciates having photos.” –  Lesley G

“Thanks rob, very thorough and much appreciated report.  Good photos too.” – Ken and Chris

“Many thanks for a great job.” – Jason S

“Hi Shirley, thanks for a great service and report”.  – Bob E

“Shirley, my chat with Rob was very helpful.  Thank you”.  – Ian H

“Hi Shirley, please pass on my thanks to Rob for his help with this”. – Daniel T

“Hi Rob, I really appreciate the work that you put in to assist us to move our mooring, sorting out the NRC application, finding the spot on the ramp side of Totara North, making all the arrangements and then having the shift made.  It probably doesn’t seem much to you as you are an expert in these matters – but it was something I very much appreciated.” – Raewyn C

“Hi Rob, Thanks heaps for your help with the servicing of the mooring for our community pontoon.  I can’t tell you what a load off my mind it is to know its all secure.  Please pass on our thanks to the boys on the barge for a job well done.  Once again, thanks to you and your staff”. – Blair D

“Thanks Shirley, and very pleased with the overall outcome”. – Roger C

“Hi Rob, thank you for your good work”. – Stu D

“Hi Shirley / Rob, Payment made today, report and photos great, thanks for the excellent service once again”. – Bruce S

“Thank you for your prompt service in getting our mooring sorted for us, most appreciated”. – Sandra M

“Outstanding – thanks so much”.  – Mike P

“That’s wonderful Rob…thanks so much for squeezing this in”. – Mike P

“Thanks for your incredible service! I have been signing your praises to several other cruisers in Opua who are tired of sliding around on their anchors”. – David F

“Thank you Shirley, Please pass on to Rob that we were on the boat for the first time since they lifted the mooring for photos (and the storm).  We were impressed they had taken the time to cinch the headrope/chafe guard to the bow roller with a cable tie.  We felt it showed that extra step something that all to often is missing nowadays”. – Rob P

“Many thanks Rob…much appreciated.  I must commend you and your very thorough and professional work and reporting…very impressive.  Thanks again and all the best till next time.” – Will Y

“Hi Shirley, Cheers for that and can you please thank the crew on our behalf”. – Peter R

“Wow. Thanks guys.   really appreciate the extra effort you guys went to for me.” – Jared H

“Thanks Shirley, I have paid online.  Great job, reasonable prices, good communication, and photos of the mooring.  A pleasure to deal with”. – Refred M

“Hi, payment made today and thank you very much for a great service, your communication and input has been great, so thanks to you all”. – Kurt O

“Hi Rob, We were so intent on the Bio pest levy issue during our phone conversation I failed to express my thanks for your barge Skipper’s thoughtfulness and service.  He was able to speak to me about my idea of using a bridle set up to solve the issue I have had securing the mooring to my boat, short-handed especially with a tide running.  He had in mind something much more practical, and we used his suggested set up involving a longer and stronger buoy rope and will almost certainly make mooring easier.  He deserves my thanks. Much obliged if you would pass that on.  He’s a good man! Cheers.”  – Craig M

“Thanks very much Rob. Fantastic service.” – Tim A

“Hi Rob and Shirley, Thank you very much for the great service.  Appreciated how you made savings wherever you could.  Enjoyed the photo evidence.  Best wishes for the fine weather and a smooth business journey ahead.” – Andrew P

“Hi Rob, M and I were on the barge during the construction of the mooring and when it was lowered.  We were very pleased with the operation and are grateful for being on board to see it all. Many thanks to the guys and yourself for doing a fine job.” – Colin L

“Good morning, cool, thanks looks great!” – Nigel D

“Hi Rob, Yes, I’m happy with the result.  Thanks for the guidance on this one”. – Daryl F

“Hi Rob, that’s great thanks very much for your input” – Sam B,

“Thanks Rob and of course Shirley, nice slick operation, totally satisfied.” – Don W

“Thanks Rob, a very good service and enjoyed working with you all”. – Brian H

“Dear Rob, thanks very much for your help it is greatly appreciated”. – Richard C

“Hi Rob, that’s a good idea. I never thought of that.  Thanks so much.” – Leon R

“Thank for a good job, much appreciated.” – Henk E

“Hi Rob, Thanks for this, you guys really rock.  I was starting worry about the marine services industry up north, so many companies have tried to rip me off up here for marine things.  Really nice to come across a company up here who calls a spade a spade.  Cheers.” – Tristram C

“Hi Rob, this is just wonderful news. The location is perfect.  Thank you so much.” – Peter J

“Hi Rob, thanks heaps for your great service!”  – Karin V

” Thanks Rob, ….. thanks for being so obliging…. We were more than happy with the job the crew did.  They were very welcoming and we enjoyed watching the process.  Thanks again for everything.” – Louise D

“Hi Rob, thanks for the quick reply and very informative email!  I will fill out the forms next week…, thanks so much” – Peter T

“Hi Rob, excellent report thanks. Congratulations on such a professional service. Thank you for making it so easy for me”.  – Scott T

“Many thanks for your help and the awesome service”. – Olly B

“Good morning Rob, Thank you for doing the job so soon.  Will sleep better from now on”. – Andreas R

“Thank you very much for your quick and good service.  It was great to find the work completed when I returned from my day out sailing”. – Hans E

“Thanks Shirley appreciated, and would advise anyone to use your services”. – Carol C

“Thanks Rob..really appreciate it.  I also appreciate the thorough report, with photos and all.  Excellent. Regards”. – Jim M

“Hi Rob….Really appreciate what you have done.  Cheers and thank you.” – Craig W

“Hi Rob….thank you for the most thorough report we have ever had”. – John W

“Hi Rob, thanks for your report and photos.  I will be able to sleep at night when the weather gets rough.” – Jamie H

“Thank you Rob, that is a properly put together report and with the pictures very comprehensive and professional.  What a pleasant change!”-Charlie BC

“Hey Rob, that’s great news.  I appreciate the extra effort you must have gone to to get it done.  Many thanks for the great service.” – Ross

“Thank you so much for inspecting my late fathers mooring.  Thanks for the detailed photos as asked, very good and professional.” – Robert P

“Hi Rob, We have sold our boat that was on mooring #309 and would like to terminate our lease with you.  Thanks for all the help when we were looking for a spot to moor, we always felt safe and secure where she was.” – Tony E

“Hi Rob, thanks for that…..I really appreciate the pictures with all the measurements.” – Bernd B

“Hi Rob, that is great, thank you very much for your prompt response.’ – Jo

“Hi Rob, Thanks for all your help with the moorings.  You run a great service.” – Bruce T

“Hi Rob, I am more than happy with the outcome and thanks for your input. Like thanks again.”  – Steve E

“Hi Rob, Great Service, comprehensive Report, very professional, well done!” – Bruce Y

“Thank you for your very informative email.” – Neil M

“Hi Rob, great report, very detailed and thorough.”  – Ken M

“Great service and I was lucky with the timing I guess.  Thanks so much for the professional service..” – Rex M

“Cheers Rob, very good service and top quality work.  Very much appreciated.  Thanks Heaps.”  – Travis B

“Hi Rob, thanks for that.  Job well done. Cheers.”  – Craig S

“Many thanks for getting the inspection and update together.  Sounds fantastic. Roland will be pleased.”  – Bruce H

“Thanks again for your professional approach.” – Tim M.

“Rob, I thank you for your impeccable service in locating a mooring in our preferred location, you certainly made the process a breeze for us and we highly recommend Moorings Northland for all to do with moorings.”  – Rob and Janette Webley

“Great stuff Rob.  And thanks for doing the donkey work.  Its great to deal with someone so efficient, organised and professional. Best wishes.” – Mary B.

“Many thanks Rob.  Very good detail and photos. Excellent job.”  – Dave S.

“Thanks for getting on to it so quickly.” – Gerry M.

“Same to you for the prompt and excellent service.” – Brian L.

“Many thanks for the great job carried out with servicing all our moorings.” Dean F.

“Yep, and everything went like clockwork, Chris and his mate could not have been more helpful.” – Brian A.

“Thanks to the guys for explaining everything to me while they did the job – great service.” – Richard B.

“Thanks very much Rob, the work and the comprehensive report is much appreciated.  The photos were excellent as well.  I had a kayak around your very interesting craft to have a nosy.” – Grant T.

“Thanks for your time on the phone today.  It is rare to get the good oil on a subject in a such and honest and straighforward manner.” – Roger W.

“Great service Rob.  Thanks.” Roger T.

“Hi Rob, Thank your very much for your report and the service you have done on the mooring for us!  Glad you got them done ok!”  – Dave C