New Moorings

There are several steps in getting approval and laying a new mooring:

  • The resource consent application – submitted to the Northland Regional Council
  • Matching your vessel to the mooring system design
  • Engineering, assembly and installation
  • Certificate of Inspection
  • Future obligations

The Resource Consent Application

Moorings Northland can prepare Resource Consent Applications for FREE.  We can suggest locations where new moorings can be installed and prepare an application on behalf of mooring owners to the Northland Regional Council.  It usually takes 8-12 weeks for consent.  Currently the Northland Regional Council has a moratorium on the installation of new moorings in “high priority areas”.  Call us for more information or link to Northland Regional Council.

Note: there are initiatives afoot that mean moorings in mooring zones will become “permitted activities”, which may negate the need for resource consent.  Watch this space!

Match Your Vessel to the Mooring

This process is where we ensure your vessel is correctly matched to the mooring system.  The criteria we use includes (but is not limited to):

  • Northland Regional Council standards
  • Vessel parameters
  • Environmental parameters (fetch etc)
  • Specific design or engineering requirements

Engineering Assembly and Installation

Once the mooring system has been designed, we will engineer and assemble the new mooring.  It will then be installed in accord with the Northland Regional Council resource consent application.

Certificate of Inspection

The final stage of a new mooring is the allocation of a mooring inspection certificate.  This is a legal document as required by the Northland Regional Council.  It is also a formal record that confirms your vessel is suitable for a specific mooring size, information provided and it also details the mooring make-up.

If your vessel is insured or you intend to rent your mooring out or sell it, a current ‘certificate of inspection” is essential.

Future Obligations

As the owner of a mooring you have the following continuous obligations:

  • Pay your annual mooring licence to the Northland Regional Council
  • Get your mooring inspected and certified at least every three years (contact Moorings Northland).
  • Comply with mooring bylaws and regulations.


The Northland Regional Council imposes a $548 resource consent application fee for a standard consent process.  This fee could increase if the process becomes non-standard.

The cost to install a new mooring can vary significantly depending on the size of the mooring and it is recommended that you contact Moorings Northland to discuss your specific requirements.