About our Mooring Systems

We proudly boast that our mooring systems are the best in New Zealand. All our mooring systems and associated hard wear components:-

  • Have independent break test reports for chains
  • Have supplier product certificates for chains and ropes
  • Comply with ISO 9001:2000, Australian Standards, Lifting Equipment Engineers NZ.
  • We also independently ‘break to destruction’ mooring components as part of our ‘integrity audit and quality control’

Our engineering, assembly and audit system ensures all parts are assembled in accord to best practices as prescribed in the NRC mooring guidelines.  A mooring system has to:-

  • Safely and effectively secure your vessel in one of the harshest and dynamic environments in NZ.
  • Comply with Northland Regional Councils standards
  • Address the needs of the insurance industry
  • Match vessel parameters (length, draft, displacement) with mooring system design
  • Match environmental parameters (exposure, fetch, tide, swell, suspended sediment, wind range) with mooring system

Our mooring system and design advice address all these parameters.

Northland Regional Council (NRC) Swing Mooring Standards

On the 1 July 2012 the NRC published its swing mooring standards.  These standards can be viewed here: Moorings Guidelines 2012 (web).