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Thank you for choosing Moorings Northland to service your swing mooring.  Please fill out the online form below, email or phone us at Moorings Northland on 09 4026939 and we will then schedule your mooring for servicing.

We balance quality and value meaning you pay a reasonable price for the best possible workmanship, engineering design and highest industry standard components. As a result your mooring asset will last longer and be more economical to maintain in the long term, and above all, you can sleep soundly on a stormy night.

Our inspection and service costs are in two parts;

1. Lift and Inspect

A) $150 (plus GST): for moorings in the Bay of Islands and Whangarei.

B) $185 (plus GST): for moorings in all other areas.

This covers travel to your mooring, the lift and inspection itself, certification, PHOTOS, administration and NRC liaison.  Our qualified team provides a professional service resulting in your mooring in your mooring being compliant with NRC requirements.  A typical Lift and Inspect takes about 30 minutes.

2. Service and Repairs

If the Lift and Inspect identifies that mooring components are damaged or worn, labour and barge costs to repair and replace commence on a pro-rata hourly basis.  These cover only the period that we are physically working on the mooring.  These rates and material costs are at competitive rates.  A typical service period is usually about 30 minutes.  

Non-standard (irregular/multiple) block moorings and remote moorings may incur additional charges.

Swing room adjustments and mooring relocations will be charged on a time basis.

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Important Information:
  • Invoice payment terms are 7 days from date of invoice unless otherwise arranged;
  • The required Northland Regional Council Certificate of Inspection will be issued only on receipt of full invoice payment;
  • All materials supplied will remain the property of Moorings Northland (2011) Limited until receipt of full invoice payment (and may be removed if not paid);
  • The customer shall be liable to to pay all expenses including legal and debt recovery costs incurred in the recovery of overdue invoices;
  • The customer accepts responsibility for his/her decisions, information and instructions provided and that Moorings Northland (2011) Limited may rely on this, and while all care and responsibility will be taken, no liability or consequential loss will attach to Moorings Northland (2011) Limited for loss or damage.

Our transparent fee structure delivers best customer value and ensures our cost reflect the time and commitment of resources to a mooring service.  It also means no “double-ups” on labour.

Our service is delivered using experienced crew working to professional standards.  We lift and re-deploy your mooring with 100% accuracy.  Note, we replace the headrope if the anti-chafe or thimble is damaged and double weld all shackles for added security.  We only use the highest standard independently tested and certified, quality assured components.  Following our service your mooring will comply with safety and technical standards set by the NRC and a certificate will be issued.

Our inspections are objective: we measure chains, shackles and swivels against NRC minimum standards.  Failed components are replaced so that certification is achieved and insurance secured.  This objective approach prevents unnecessary work and costs.

We make every effort in our scheduling to inspect your mooring as close as possible to its expiry date; however, this may not always be possible, for example due to poor weather.  The NRC is aware of scheduling constraints.


  • Registered swing moorings in Northland are required to be inspected and serviced every three years – this is a condition of the consent with the Northland Regional Council. Failure to do so could result in your mooring being forfeited and your vessel insurance invalidated.
  • Some people may require a mooring inspection and servicing regime of two years to meet the requirements of their boat insurer. If in doubt please contact your insurer.
  • In more exposed and harsh mooring locations owners should consider two yearly services.
  • We recommend that swing moorings that have a Fergibuoy attached should consider a two yearly inspection and service regime because the continual friction between the buoy’s hard plastic and the polyester rope can cause static which in turn causes electrolysis along the top chain. So if in doubt–check it out!