The Northland Regional Council has established minimum mooring / vessel restrictions:

  • 1 tonne block is suitable for vessels up to 7m (23ft)
  • 2 tonne block is suitable for vessels between 7m and 12m (40ft)
  • 4 tonne block is suitable for vessels between 12m and 18m (60ft)
  • There are various “blocks/anchor” weights in use, also, other mooring components are important for the effectiveness of moorings, so, if in doubt, check it out – contact Moorings Northland.

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Appletree Bay Kerikeri Block Size: 4 ton concrete blockBlock Size: licensed to hold up to 14m vesselLast Inspection: 14.2.2020
Contact Name: Phillip Zisakis
Mooring #:M245Rent $200.00 pcm
Phone: 0210 285 5062